On April 6th, Governor Evers attempted to move the April 7th election to June. This comes after the Governor himself said in a tweet it would be illegal for him to make such a decision without legislative approval (See tweet here: https://twitter.com/GovEvers/status/1245503949232193536). The Wisconsin Supreme Court then struck down the order, making the election continue as planned for April 7th. YOU CAN STILL VOTE IN PERSON ON APRIL 7th!!

ABSENTEE BALLOT CHANGES: The United States Supreme Court has overruled the lower court decision to allow absentee ballots to be submitted and counted until April 13th. However, they have allowed absentee ballots POSTMARKED by April 7th to be counted until April 13th. This is to alleviate as much of the confusion and burden that this Governor created for the electorate as possible. This also eliminates the ability of people to vote after election day and for political parties to ballot harvest the votes they need if indications aren’t in their favor. We encourage everybody. if able, to not rely on the Postal Service and drop off their ballots in person to minimize chances your ballot does not make it in time.

⇒ You can still vote in person on April 7th ⇒ Your absentee ballot will be counted  as long as it’s postmarked on or before April 7th and received by April 13th. ⇒ If you have any issues voting, you may contact us (https://www.ogop.org/contact/) or report them here: https://wisgop.org/report-voting-issues/

CANDIDATES TO VOTE FOR: ⇒ Justice Daniel Kelly for State Supreme Court ⇒ President Donald Trump for the Republican Presidential Nomination