April 7th, 2020 Spring General Election and Absentee Voting

April 7th, 2020 Spring General Election and Absentee Voting

On April 7th, Justice Daniel Kelly needs our support again for his reelection to the Wisconsin State Supreme Court.

His opponent Jill Karofsky has pledged to be a “Social Justice” Justice on the Supreme Court. Instead of upholding the rule of law, Jill Karofsky will use the court to legislate for her own political agenda and social justice issues. READ MORE >> https://wisgop.org/karofsky-social-justice-justice/

Justice Daniel Kelly has been a proven Justice on the Supreme Court since being appointed by upholding the rule of law. Justice Kelly has garnered numerous endorsements of sheriffs, district attorney’s, judges, and others across the state.

Justice Kelly is the clear choice for Supreme Court on April 7th!

If you want to skip going to the polls on election day, you can still make your voice heard, consider voting absentee! All information regarding absentee voting can be found here: https://myvote.wi.gov/en-us/

GOP Tax Cut Plan

GOP Tax Cut Plan

Thanks to our terrific Republican Legislators, they proposed more tax cuts to put more money back in YOUR pocket!

Some of the proposed measures include:

  • Income Tax Reduction
  • Personal Property Tax Cut
  • Debt Repayment
  • Rainy Day Fund Deposit

The state of our wallet is strong, and our Republican legislators are fighting to make sure you get to KEEP your money while paying down our state’s debt. It’s a WIN WIN. To quote State Assembly Speaker Robin Vos… “Cutting taxes and reducing debt. It’s what #Wisconsin Republicans do.” (https://twitter.com/SpeakerVos/status/1228429350346858497)

Get out and VOTE on February 18th!

Get out and VOTE on February 18th!

Justice Daniel Kelly needs our support in the February 18th primary. Don’t sit on the sidelines, get out and vote!

To find out more information about what is on your ballot, where to vote, absentee voting, and whether or not you are registered, please go to https://myvote.wi.gov/en-us/

Justice Daniel Kelly will uphold our rule of law, and ensure redistricting is done FAIRLY this coming year. Moreover, one of Justice Kelly’s opponents, Judge Karofsky, has also called upon the Wisconsin State Legislature to restrict YOUR gun rights (read more at https://wisgop.org/karofsky-limit-firearms/). If that’s not enough, Judge Karofsky will attempt to legislate her personal opinions from the bench (read more at https://wisgop.org/icymi-jill-karofsky-social-justice-warrior/).

These are just a few reasons why we need to reelect Justice Dan Kelly. He is a proven Justice who will uphold our State’s Constitution, the rule of law, and not legislate and advocate his personal opinions from the bench.

2020 State of the Union

On February 4th, President Trump gave a very strong State of the Union address. The American comeback is real, and in the words of President Trump: The best is yet to come! You can view the whole address right here!

Justice Daniel Kelly First Statewide TV Ad

Justice Daniel Kelly has released his first statewide TV ad, watch it here!

Statement from the campaign:

[Madison, WI] – Today, Supreme Court Justice Daniel Kelly launched his first statewide television ad. The ad, titled “My Dad,” features Justice Kelly’s youngest daughter and highlights Kelly’s passion for the law and deep commitment to his role on the Wisconsin Supreme Court. The spot is part of a six-figure ad buy and will run statewide from now until the February 18th primary.

Strong rainy day fund

Strong rainy day fund

Thanks to strong Republican leadership in our state assembly and senate, and with Governor Walker for 8 years, our rainy day fund is strong and keeps on growing!

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos tweeted: “The state of #Wisconsin continues to save for a rainy day. The Budget Stabilization Fund is projected to top $1 billion thanks to Republican leadership. Our reforms continue to pay off for the state. #WIRight” (https://twitter.com/SpeakerVos/status/1220771467304013829)

In addition, the Wisconsin Assembly GOP also said this: “Wisconsin is projected to see additional revenues of $818 million more than expected. Republicans have prioritized responsible budgeting & we are seeing a healthy economy where citizens & businesses are thriving #wibudget” (https://twitter.com/WIAssemblyGOP/status/1220749365117104129)

Thank you to our terrific legislators for keeping Wisconsin on track!!