Vote Walker in the Primary!

Signs are good. Votes are better! In the upcoming Republican primary, vote Walker. He is opposed by an “occupier” & “protester” of the Governor’s much needed reforms. We want to show the Democrats that we Stand with Walker! A poor turnout at the primary will not send that message. VOTE WALKER!

Justice Prosser Leads Wild Wisconsin Election by 7,500 votes

Exerpiernced Appleton native, Justice David Prosser has had the bumpiest road to re-election in Wisconsin history.

Justice Prosser weathered intense attack ads ran by his competitor, DNR attorney, JoAnne Kloppenburg and now must stand strong through a recount process that will hopefully result in a clear winner.

Please keep Justice Prosser in your hopes & prayers. He has dedicated his life to Outagamie County and our State, and he deserves our State’s respect and admiration.

Click to Donate to Justice Prosser’s Recount Victory Fund.

Wisconsin Needs Your Vote for Justice Prosser

If you were in recess, picking your team to play basketball, and you had a choice between Marquette’s Jimmy Butler or Steve Urkel, who would you pick?

What if you were in need of legal help, and you have a choice between an attorney with 13 years experience handling cases just like your case or a paralegal with NO experience in cases like your case, who would you pick?

Pretty obvious, you want the Star! You want the Expert! You want the Best!

Justice Prosser is the Best!

Prosser has 13 years of experience as a Supreme Court Justice and is the most respected and the most well-loved justice on the bench. His opponent, Joanne Kloppenburg has tried 7 appellate cases and has never acted as even a circuit judge.


Don’t be a fool! Pick the BEST!

Vote Lori O’Bright on April 5th

Outagamie County Republicans Proudly Vote Lori O’Bright for Clerk of Courts.

Lori is a twenty-six year servent of Outagamie County and deserves your vote. Lori has most recently served as Supervisor of our Solid Waste Department, which anticipates a $14M budget in 2011. She has served in the clerk’s office and is very-qualified to serve as your Clerk of Courts.

For more information on Lori O’Bright, please see her campaign website,

Our Capital or Their Hostel?

Dear Taxpayers,

We have received numerous calls from folks of all views who are NOT happy that our Wisconsin State Capitol is quickly becoming something resembling a French Hostel for Militant Out-of-State Protesters.

These folks might not realize it, but we do things differently here in Wisconsin. For starters, we respect the Constitution and property rights. While we gladly extend our hospitality to visitors, we don’t appreciate having our Capitol treated in the manner in which it has been treated as of late (i.e. trashed.)

For folks that might not remember, it wasn’t so many years ago that the taxpayers of this fine state spent $140 Million on a top-to-bottom renovation.

I was here during a good portion of this work. Each day, I would pass the hardworking men & women up on scaffolds meticulously repairing plaster, painting, cleaning, etc. Visitors over the years have told me we have the most beautiful State Capitol they have ever seen. Based on the high volumes of calls we are receiving, many folks would like to keep it that way.

If you would like to see the Capitol Police restore normalcy to our state’s greatest public building, feel free to call the following number and file a taxpayer complaint about people sleeping here overnight.

Wisconsin State Capitol Police

Here is an article about the State Capitol restoration: