Your Party Needs You To Fight For Gov. Walker!

We have only 1 critical day left here in WI that will affect the entire Nation. The vote will take place Thursday!

As Leaders in the GOP, we must get behind and support our great Governor, and the tough decisions our State must now go through due to the shell game Doyle played the last few years. Gov. Walker must now clean up the mess and save our State.

What must WE do?
1. Call your area Republican Assemblymen and State Senators. Everyone should hear from us. EVERY GOP MEMBER!
2. Call even the most ardent conservative legislator! CALL EVERYONE (When the doors close, the pressure is on, folks can cave and change votes.)
3. The dems. and unions are protesting, jamming lines and even having vigils in front of members homes here. Buses will be coming in from all over, to flood the capitol. Our reps are only hearing from those against the budget, they must hear from us!
4. BE NICE! They are our team. Tell them you understand how tough this is, but you are behind them voting for this budget, and you will support them, as they make this unpopular vote. Remind them this is why we sent them to the Capitol, and we agree this must be done. The RIGHT THING, IS NOT, MOST OF THE TIME, THE POPULAR THING! Let them know the left is against, therefore the Governor for sure is right!
5. Be cautious how and where you send your e-mails regarding this! You do not need dems, press etc. getting a hold of this or any other e-mail. Please make sure who is on your list, mail to only folks you know – and only to staunch conservatives. Make some key calls to specific folks you know will communicate well to our reps. The unions are treating this as a battle, and they will do anything and everything to stop it!
Why is this National? The Unions Nationwide are sending protesters and assistance and believe this is ground zero. If WI passes this, it will give backbone to other states and Governors throughout the Country. The tide will then be unstoppable, the unions will lose and be greatly weakened. This is not just about fighting against Gov. Walker and the GOP. It has implications for budgets throughout all of the States! We are setting the precedent!

Lastly – We elected Governor Walker and all the GOP to leadership to do what we know must be done – to solve this budget and financial crisis, so jobs can be created, and our State can be repaired. We must stand with them, behind them and beside them and assist in this fight.
Now is NOT the time to go after possible weak GOP votes, or those who may not commit. That we can do later, if it happens.
No threats! Just call, remind, support and ENCOURAGE! As one Senator you all like stated – “Let them feel the LOVE” when you call. They must hear from us in support!

Governor Walker has moved like a businessman in getting this budget out there and working to solve it. Most Governors are just unpacking, they have not even started anything in their states. We have a man who is doing what we dream about elected officials doing – being efficient and working quickly! Let’s heartily support that and work hard this week to help make this happen!
You are in this fight, and YOU as leaders are well equipped, and up for this!

WE Can do this!
Chairman Laurie Forcier, RPW CCO