Fifty-one voting members arrived at the Outagamie County Caucus on February 2, 2013.  One contested election occurred, while three constitutional positions went uncontested.

Barb Bieber was re-elected as Chairwoman of the County.  Barb received 29 votes to challenger Howard Miller, who received 19 votes.  A great thanks is owed to Howard Miller, a highly respected businessman and entrepreneur who was nominated for the position.

Challenger Roger Trovato will be Barb’s Vice-Chair.   Former vice-chair, Ed Perkins, did not seek re-election.  Ron Tusler, your author, was nominated for the position, but respectfully declined.  Thus, Mr. Trovato received the position without opposition.  Congratulations Mr. Trovato!

Next, Roger Glenn and Carl Soderberg will remain Secretary and Treasurer, respectively.  Mr. Glenn gave an eloquent speech regarding our party’s need to work together to defeat our common opponents.

The Executive Committee will be chosen by the constitutional officers in the very near future.