Many changes have taken place since the last edition of the TUSK! The most notable news was the sudden retirement of Senator Mike Ellis which brought Roger Roth into the race for the 19th State Senate District. The retirement of Congressman Tom Petri does not affect us any longer but it is great to know that there are at least two viable GOP candidates for that important spot in the House of Representatives. The election of Dean Kaufert as the new Mayor of Neenah left the 55th Assembly District wide open for—at this writing—six GOP candidates. All of our GOP Assembly Representatives, (in no particular order) Dave Murphy, the 56th, Jim Steineke, the 5th, Al Ott, the 3rd, Gary Tauchen, the 6th, are up for reelection. Chris Klein is the GOP candidate for the 57th Assembly District! Other Representatives who have a small part of Outagamie County are in the 40th, and the 4th. We, Outagamie County residents, have a big job ahead of us this year….working hard to elect our great Governor Walker, Lt. Governor KIeefisch, AG candidate Brad Schimel, Congressman Reid Ribble, candidates for Secretary of State and State Treasurer as well as those listed above. Volunteers are needed in all of the above campaigns, which leads me to the following…..

Events coming up include the Appleton Flag Day Parade–help is needed to build the float!!! The theme this year is the US Marines. Please join the fun in this float building…contact Ted Lueders at 920-574-4014 to indicate your willingness to participate in both the building and actual parade participation. Calling all Marines!!!! Let Ted know if you are interested in riding on the float!!!

We plan to have a celebration in honor of Cody Splitt, for receiving the Bovay Award and also to recognize Senator Mike Ellis for his years of dedicated service in the state Legislature. Any help with the planning of these two events is encouraged…please call the OCRP at 920-730-3933 to volunteer.

There is also the opportunity to participate at the County Fair Booth, the planning of the Annual Corn Roast and the Octoberfest Booth.


–is now open at 609 W. College Avenue, the same place as in 2012. We continue to need help with decorating and a lot of other “handyman” type of assistance to be ready for events in this election season. We look forward to seeing everyone at informational and fun events at the Victory Center. But of course our main goal is to find as many Republicans and grassroots supporters to bring victory to all of our elected officials/candidates.

This year the center is staffed by the Republican Party of Wisconsin (RPW) field officer, Chris Schaefer. The hours of the center are daily, except Sundays, 8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Volunteers are needed for the “reception desk”. Please give a call to the OCRP at (920) 730-3933 if you are interested in working a shift at the center. Also on RPW staff at the Center is Matt Henkel, who will be working for Roger Roth in that important race. Matt can be reached at 608-387-9519 to help with the Roth campaign. Chris Klein is also looking for volunteers for his campaign in the 57th District. This district is a very difficult one and requires boots on the ground to elect Chris. He can be reached at 920-740-7641 to help. A win in this district would be so great! Please take some time to work with both Roger and Chris.

A list of needed items at the Center, as of this writing, include: some comfortable chairs, a few tables, a microwave oven, and various ongoing supplies, i.e., paper towels, TP, snacks and beverages. Donated items are so appreciated. Donations help to defray expenses otherwise paid for by the OCRP treasury.


We are looking for Community Captains and will be going through the Outagamie County municipal wards to seek out individuals who are willing to step up to become a Community Captain (CC) in your ward. The CC will take charge of the ward in which he/she resides to help increase the turnout of Republican voters at the polls. The CCs are essentially grassroots leaders who maintain contact with voters in their neighborhoods. Whether it be making phone calls, knocking on doors while utilizing the dynamic mobile “app”, recruiting other volunteers or simply “self ID’ing” voters in their area. A CC takes charge of their ward/neighborhood in any way that works to find supporters. All levels of commitment are needed…if you can take charge as a CC or help out in any way between now and November 2014, you will be part of a winning team! This commitment will help the OCRP to make Wisconsin GO RED!!!! Please take a few minutes to think about this important “job” and call 920-730-3933 to volunteer.


The popular Pints & Politics has a new venue at the Gather Americana Restaurant, 213 S. Nicolet Rd., Appleton. Please mark your calendars for the FOURTH Thursday of each month from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. ato join the camaraderie of like-minded Republicans.


The convention in early May this year was held at the Milwaukee Hyatt Regency and was fairly well attended by OCRP delegates. After a rousing session of speeches and resolutions, folks were able to enjoy the VIP reception and the Chairmen’s banquet. Mike Pence, Indiana Governor was the keynote speaker. There are two major individual RPW awards given each year…the Alan Bovay Award…one person from each district, and the Coles Bashford Award. An individual must first receive the Bovay Award to be eligible to receive the Coles Bashford Award. Cody Splitt received the Alan Bovay Award. Leigh Splitt, Cody’s daughter, accepted the Bovay Award for Cody. The County awards were given by Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch and the other prestigious awards were announced by Crystal Berg, longtime RPW volunteer This year, a special award–the Lifetime Achievement Award was given to Dave Anderson, a faithful loyal volunteer for many years. Next year’s annual convention will be in LaCrosse.


We are still looking for someone to help with the website, monitoring and keeping it up to date. If you are interested, please give me a call, 920-996-9437, to arrange a time to meet and discuss further information regarding the position. A working knowledge of Constant Contact is preferred but will welcome anyone who has the time and determination to update the website and continue to help with the online communications.

Thank you all for your continuing support and loyalty to the Outagamie County Republican Party. We need to be working on uniting Republicans under one umbrella….the only way we can defeat the Democrats. We are looking for some dedicated Republicans to join the Executive Committee. Each spot on the Committee will require a certain degree of participation in the events of the OCRP as well as a commitment to attend a meeting monthly. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to call or email me. If you are interested in becoming involved on a regular basis, please arrange to attend an Executive Committee meeting.

I also wish to thank the following folks for participating in the Lincoln Day Dinner in February that were missed in the last issue of the TUSK: Leigh Splitt, Jeanne Leitzen, Chris and Steve Hanson, who were all an integral part of the program.

Barbara Bieber, Chair 2014