Justice Daniel Kelly needs our support in the February 18th primary. Don’t sit on the sidelines, get out and vote!

To find out more information about what is on your ballot, where to vote, absentee voting, and whether or not you are registered, please go to https://myvote.wi.gov/en-us/

Justice Daniel Kelly will uphold our rule of law, and ensure redistricting is done FAIRLY this coming year. Moreover, one of Justice Kelly’s opponents, Judge Karofsky, has also called upon the Wisconsin State Legislature to restrict YOUR gun rights (read more at https://wisgop.org/karofsky-limit-firearms/). If that’s not enough, Judge Karofsky will attempt to legislate her personal opinions from the bench (read more at https://wisgop.org/icymi-jill-karofsky-social-justice-warrior/).

These are just a few reasons why we need to reelect Justice Dan Kelly. He is a proven Justice who will uphold our State’s Constitution, the rule of law, and not legislate and advocate his personal opinions from the bench.