Below is some important information for WI voters in the Primary Election AND at the very end is a schedule of Opening Days for fishing in WI. Because we have a large number of members who love to fish…please make certain to vote absentee before you go on that exciting first fishing day of the season!!! If “click on” below does not work, copy and paste into your browser. You may wish to print this out, since it is a long read. Absentee voting begins TODAY!!!!

You know this election is so extremely important, we cannot afford to miss one single vote!!!!!! We must help our great Governor Walker continue to move our great state forward!!!!

Just a reminder: we have yard signs available..but due to the incredible demand, we are limiting 2 signs per family….and the cost for signs are a buck a piece!!! We really would like to give out more signs but our order of 700 is dwindling so fast…and also, we really would like to have you stop in and sign up to make some phone calls or just chat for a few minutes….

Hope this helps with some of your questions. If you need additional information, please call me….

Barbara Bieber, Chair
Outagamie County Republican Party (OCRP)
920-730-3933 (OCRP Office)