Dear Taxpayers,

We have received numerous calls from folks of all views who are NOT happy that our Wisconsin State Capitol is quickly becoming something resembling a French Hostel for Militant Out-of-State Protesters.

These folks might not realize it, but we do things differently here in Wisconsin. For starters, we respect the Constitution and property rights. While we gladly extend our hospitality to visitors, we don’t appreciate having our Capitol treated in the manner in which it has been treated as of late (i.e. trashed.)

For folks that might not remember, it wasn’t so many years ago that the taxpayers of this fine state spent $140 Million on a top-to-bottom renovation.

I was here during a good portion of this work. Each day, I would pass the hardworking men & women up on scaffolds meticulously repairing plaster, painting, cleaning, etc. Visitors over the years have told me we have the most beautiful State Capitol they have ever seen. Based on the high volumes of calls we are receiving, many folks would like to keep it that way.

If you would like to see the Capitol Police restore normalcy to our state’s greatest public building, feel free to call the following number and file a taxpayer complaint about people sleeping here overnight.

Wisconsin State Capitol Police

Here is an article about the State Capitol restoration: