Outagamie County Matters!  In some very close elections, Outagamie County voters came to the voting booths on Nov. 6, 2012 and found a way to get our Republicans into Office.  Now, its time to reap our reward.

Our assemblymen have made our votes heard throughout the state.  The following is a list of our county members and their respective seats in our state’s subcommittees.  For a complete list, please see http://legis.wisconsin.gov/assembly/vos/pressreleases/Pages/Speaker-elect%20Vos%20Announces%20Committee%20Members.aspx.

Dave Murphy – Vice Chair of Colleges & Universities.  Member of Board – Constitution & Ethics, Housing & Real Estate, Insurance, and Urban & Local Affairs.

Dean Kaufert – Chair of Tourism.  Member of Board – JCRAR, Financial Institutions, Small Business Development, Transportation.

Jim Steineke – Member of Board – Natural Resources & Sporting Heritage.

Al Ott – Chair of Natural Resources & Sporting Heritage, Judiciary.  Member of Board -Agriculture, Consumer Protection, Criminal Justice, Constitution & Ethics, Gov’t Operations & State Licensing, Transportation, Tourism, Urban & Local Affairs, Veterans.

Finally, our state senators sub-committee’s can be found at Fitzgerald’s Committees.