By: John R. Lehman
55th Assembly Candidate

While I may be a new candidate for a partisan political office, I am not new to elected public service. As a five term, 15 year plus member of the Neenah School Board, I have much experience in balancing budgets, setting public policy, and balancing the wants and needs of the districts many stakeholders.

My training and 32 years experience as a mechanical engineer has taught me to search for the root cause when problem solving. No one wants to go to a doctor, or take their car to a mechanic, that is unable or unwilling to put forth the time and effort to identify or correct the root cause of a problem.

My approach to problem solving is to first identify and understand the current situation and determine the desired outcome. Next, I gather facts and information required to resolve the problem or situation. This may sound easier than it appears. The challenge is to determine fact from fiction, and to sort out relevant from irrelevant data. I then choose a solution or course of action which has the best chance for success in solving the problem or meeting the long term needs of the parties involved. I am no fan of treating the symptoms or kicking the can down the road.

In politics, as in business, one needs to be cautious of people with hidden agendas disguised as solutions looking for a problem. We need to elect people whose actions and behaviors are based on the core values and beliefs of our founding fathers. People who believe in limited government, free markets, personal liberty and independence. People who have demonstrated wisdom, sound judgment, and the courage to stay true to their convictions and core beliefs, even when in the minority.

If you want to learn more about my stance on today’s pertinent issues, or learn more about my background, please visit my web site at,