A CBS News poll found that three-quarters of Americans who watched President Trump’s State of the Union on January 30, 2018 approved of the address.

Eight out of ten viewers said they felt the speech was trying to unite rather than divide the country.

A full 97 percent of Republicans approved of the speech, as did 72 percent of independents and 43 percent of Democrats. The positive rating from independents is a good indication that Trump’s address succeeded in striking a bipartisan, unifying tone.

Sixty-five percent of viewers said the speech made them feel proud, and another 35 percent said they felt safer, while just 14 percent felt scared and 21 percent felt angry.

Interestingly, 72 percent of respondents said they favor the immigration proposals Trump made in his speech, the section of his remarks that were most policy-specific. A greater share of Republicans watched the speech last night (42 percent) compared to the 25 percent of viewers who identified as Democrats and 33 percent who called themselves independents.