RNC Chairwoman: President Trump Is Taking A Leadership Role In The World

RNC Chairwoman: Obama Administration Entered Into A Reckless Deal
RNC CHAIRWOMAN MCDANIEL: The reality is that the Obama Administration entered into a reckless deal with Iran, one that made the world less safe. They didn’t put the proper inspections in place, so that we could go in and make sure Iran was ceasing their nuclear programs. These are things that we have to put in place to safeguard our country. Iran has continued to fund terrorism, they not been good actors and I think the president delivered on a campaign promise today and said we are going to go back and we are going to make sure that we are putting in a deal if we go back to the table with Iran that makes this world safer and that’s exactly what Barack Obama should have done, and President Trump once again is taking a leadership role in the world and correcting the mistakes of the Obama Administration.