Sidewalk rally this Wednesday, October 24.  

Bring a sign.  State comments like, Mitt and Paul heart Women or Women Support Mitt & Paul, or GOP Binders YES – Dem Blinders – NO  or whatever you can think of along those lines.

The dollar stores have 20×30″ sheets of foamboard which works great for signs and isn’t as flimsy as tagboard, cost is around $1.   We need more signs so please make them at home as there weren’t enough volunteers to  make as many as we need.  They need to say something about We’re trying to combat the ludicrous Democrat talking point that Republicans are waging a war on women. 

We need a big turnout for this as we were asked to hold these sessions by the Romney/Ryan campaign because they think it will be helpful in getting Mitt and Paul elected in the Valley!


We’ll only be out for about a half hour because we’ll be right in front of the Victory Center.  DRESS WARMLY! We need more participants if we’re to make this work.  Remember, there are only 2 more Wednesdays until the election and we have to do everything we can to help, not only the president and vice president races, but for a majority in the Senate.   Everyone needs to do what they can!

Please contact me if you have any questions.  Now is not the time to let someone else do it!  

 Char at 920-667-4943 or e-mail at