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Become a Poll Worker for Outagamie County!

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The Wisconsin Election Commission and the Republican Party of Wisconsin encourages you to become involved in local, state and federal elections by becoming a poll worker in your community. Poll workers help conduct open, fair and accurate elections, ensuring their community can vote safely. 

Every two years, the Republican Party of Outagamie County nominates poll workers for the following two-year election cycle.  This year’s nominations, which will be submitted to Municipal Clerks in November, will be for the 2024-2025 election cycle. Learn about the opportunities below and reach out to get involved!

What do Election Inspectors do?

Election Inspectors help with Election Day duties registering voters, voter check ins, issuing ballots, advising use of voting equipment, monitoring the tabulator, and processing absentee ballots. Training is provided by the Republican Party and by the municipal clerks.


Election Inspectors must be a U.S. citizen and be 18 years of age (except for high school Election Inspectors).   They must be able to read and write fluently in the English language and have resided in Outagamie County for the last 28 days prior to elections.  They also may not be a candidate for any office to be voted on at that election. 

What do Chief Inspectors do?

The Chief Inspector serves as the lead election official at a polling location. Qualifications include all the above and additional training is required. 

What is the job of the greeters?

Each polling location can have one person who serves as the official Greeter.  Greeters make sure voters are in the correct lines and direct voters to either the registration location or the check in tables.  They may also remind the voter of Voter ID requirements so that the voter is prepared when they request their ballot. 

Are poll workers paid positions?

Yes, poll workers are compensated for municipal clerk training sessions and for time spent at the polling location.  Hourly pay varies by municipality but on average may be $10.00/hr. 

What is the time commitment?

Poll Workers are asked to commit to work all elections for the 2024-2025 election cycle. If you are unable to commit to all elections, but are still interested in working, when possible, we can nominate you as an alternate and you will be asked to work when a vacancy occurs. 

Election Inspectors may work from 6:00 am until the completion of their duties (approximately 9:30 pm).  In Outagamie County, most municipal clerks allow for split shifts of morning or evening should you be unable to work a full day.  

Can I be excused from my regular job to be a Poll Worker? 

Yes, Wisconsin law requires every employer to grant an unpaid leave of absence to each employee who is appointed to serve as an Election Inspector, if the employee provided his or her employer with at least 7-day notice. Upon request, municipal clerks will provide the employer with verification of appointments. 

How can I become a Republican appointed Poll Worker? 

Complete the form below and you will be contacted by the Republican Party of Outagamie County with training option schedules.


You may also contact us at 920-416-5600 or by email at

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