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Join the Movement

Looking to become a part of something bigger? Join our grassroots movement. Your support through membership helps us to fund candidates and field office to provide resources to you year-round. With your membership, you have access to all of our newsletters and more importantly, you are eligible to become a voting member at county caucus and 8th Congressional District caucus as well as state convention, if you wish. Becoming a delegate for caucus means that you vote on resolutions that shape the platform of our party from the bottom up. You can even write your own resolutions if you wish! It’s the best way to make your voice heard. We always have lots of fun volunteer opportunities, events, and opportunities to meet with legislators that represent you. We also have many trainings and educational opportunities along the way-be involved as little or as much as you want. The connections you make will last a lifetime. Remember— the only way to be officially recognized by the state as part of the Republican Party is through membership with your local county party. Welcome aboard!